Service Promise

Going beyond our client's needs...


​International Galvanizing's expertly trained personnel efficiently exceed their customer's expectations by adhering to the highest standards in process, material handling and quality assurance. 

​International Galvanizing uses only Special High Grade zinc, the purest grade of zinc available, which ensures both top notch quality and environmental friendliness.

Utilizing the best components and materials, and working under strict supervision, International Galvanizing provides exceptional quality in  their finished product whether it is standard, rush order, or  large or small scale project.


 International Galvanizing's staff commitment to quality goes beyond the process of hot dip galvanizing since 1983.

Quick turnaround

Efficiency in process, quality assurance, and skilled personnel, are key elements in which International Galvanizing focused , and for which it has earned a reputable standing as a leader in fast delivery and service.

Standard as well as urgent orders are delivered in a timely manner to client's specifications.

Our strategically located facilities can provide galvanizing services in Tijuana, all over Mexico and across the border in the Southwestern United States (California, Arizona and Nevada).


With a personal approach in customer service, International Galvanizing works according to client-specific quality requirements. Consistency in products are a result of incorporating essential requirements during the design and fabrication stages of production.

From initial approach to project management and conclusion, International Galvanizing works as your company's off site team member and as a close liaison between design engineer, materials engineer, specifier, and fabricator to ensure high quality galvanized products, minimum cost and fast delivery.


 International Galvanizing is fully responsible for the care of your components as they are being processed, finished and transported. Finished products are guaranteed and delivered to your specifications with the proper care and attention.


International Galvanizing has the ability  and compromise to make the necessary additions and modifications to accomodate the client's needs for projects. International Galvanizing's dip tanks are sized to accommodate anything from small brackets to common stock material lengths and most fabricated steel structures.

The capacity to manage large pieces as well as volume is easily handled in our hot dip kettles:

Kettle 1 with dimensions of 29'6" x 8'3"x 9'10"

Kettle 2 with dimensions of  55'7" x 3'4" x 10'5"

If you are interested in galvanization services in the Southwestern United States (California, Nevada, Arizona) or in Mexico, our professionals in San Diego, CA are available to discuss your specific needs.

For more, information contact our offices at 619-564-3592.​


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