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Galvanizing... more than just protection!

Galvanization refers to the coating of steel or iron with zinc as a method of preventing it from corrosion (rusting). 

The valuable characteristic of zinc derives from its corrosion resistance, which under most service conditions, is considerably greater than that of iron and steel. This quality gives it an advantage over paint, enamel, powder coating and other coating or protective methods.

Galvanizing is also favored as a means of protective coating because of its low cost, ease of application and comparatively long maintenance-free service life.


Long-term corrosion protection


Corrosion is responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage every year around the world. The corrosion of steel annually costs the US economy approximately 4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Estimates show that 25-30% of corrosion could be eliminated if proper corrosion protection methods such as hot dip galvanizing were utilized.

Zinc galvanizing has the unique ability to protect itself due to its nature. Zinc from the surrounding area will give itself up to repair minor scratches and literally stop the corrosion of more involved surface blemishes.

Under normal conditions, hot-dip galvanizing will protect against corrosion for up to 100 years in a rural atmosphere, 40 to 100 years in a urban environment, and 10 to 20 years in an environment of higher exposure levels  of humidity, high salinity and in maritime conditions.

Galvanizing in California, galvanizing in San Diego, galvanizing in Arizona, galvanizing in Nevada, galvanizing in Tijuana, galvanizing in Mexico
Galvanizing in California, galvanizing in San Diego, galvanizing in Arizona, galvanizing in Nevada, galvanizing in Tijuana, galvanizing in Mexico



The high durability protection of galvanized zinc frequently exceeds the service life of installations or components. Therefore, galvanized coating is one of the most economical methods of effectively protecting steel and extending the life of the product.

Because galvanizing requires no maintenance, the initial cost of a bridge, post, panel, pipe, rail yard structure, etc. is the final cost.

More often the cost of galvanizing could be lower than other protective coating alternatives. This, along with the fact that galvanizing exceeds the life of a component, makes hot dip galvanizing the lowest life-cycle cost corrosion protection system available!

Far more economical than painted steel or concrete, which is labor intensive, and requires frequent and costly maintenance. For more information on cost advantages please visit, a website provided by the American Galvanizing Association that offers an analysis tool that calculates cost based on your specific project input.

In addition, International Galvanizing's industrial system has been perfected to a highly mechanized and controlled process that results in a low cost-high quality galvanized product.

galvanizing is environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly


Because galvanizing contains no petroleum based solvents or materials that harm the environment, hot dip galvanized steel is 100% recyclable.

In addition, HDG steel requires no energy input and has no emissions during the use and end-of-life phases a reason why hot-dip galvanizing is the most sustainable choice to protect our infrastructure from costly corrosion. 

As a result, galvanized steel is the most recycled material in the world with approximately 90% of steel and 80% of all available zinc recycled.

International Galvanizing understands the importance of saving the environment and because of this, steps have already been taken to become more "green" and efficient, such as recycling the hydrochloric acid that is used in the fluxing process.

For more information on sustainability please visit

If you are interested in galvanization services in the Southwestern United States (California, Nevada, Arizona) or in Mexico, our professionals in San Diego, CA are available to discuss your specific needs.

For more, information contact our offices at 619-564-3592


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