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About us

International Galvanizing has been a leader in the after-fabrication steel market since its first operating plant open in 1983 under the name INMERMEK in Mexico City.

Family-owned and operated, International Galvanizing has been offering consistency in quality, service and prompt delivery of hot dip metal galvanizing. Such consistency has resulted in rapid growth and impeccable reputation among industries such as but not limited to, solar, automotive, construction, and electrical to name a few.

International Galvanizing's expertly trained staff, systematic process and modern facilities, are equipped with the necessary resources to efficiently handle projects from small to large scale, from one piece to thousands, consistently meeting deadlines and rush orders without sacrificing quality.

International Galvanizing’s strategic locations currently service the Southwestern United States and all of Mexico. From their offices in Chula Vista, California customized services are provided through Inmermek's galvanizing facilities in Tijuana and Mexico City.

Additionally, as a result of forming strategic alliances with key partners in transportation and import-export, International Galvanizing is a one stop shop for fabricating, galvanizing, and delivery of your product.

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