Industry applications

Wind & Solar Industries

Once installed, solar projects work in a continuous manner, so any repairs or maintenance will result in interruption of service and addition of unwanted costs. For this reason, hot dip galvanizing has become the solar industry's preferred method for corrosion protection.

Galvanizing is the obvious alternative for solar industry as they are both green. Not only ensures decades without maintenance, it also provides the certainty that no additional raw materials will be used and no emissions will be produced.

Galvanized products have an attractive silvery appearance that compliments the environment, a look that will last decades without maintenance.

International Galvanizing has secured a supplier contract to leading solar industry company in the United States.

Automotive Industry

Prior to the late 1980s only luxury models were built with zinc-coated bodies, but thereafter more automakers opted for this alternative to protect from corrosion as opposed to the use of layers of paint. We can say that the use of galvanize sheet is now the norm in auto manufacturing. Many automakers are using anti-rust warranties as a marketing tool, offering 12 years to lifetime guarantees. 

According to an automotive spokesman for CORUS, about 80 percent of the average car body, known as the body-in-white (BIW) now consists of galvanized sheet. Others put the figure at 65-70 per cent, although the CORUS spokesman said the recent move by some producers towards 100 percent galvanized bodies was pushing up the average, which he saw leveling out at about 85-90 percent. 

Construction Industry

Hot dip galvanized steel has been utilized for over a century in both residential and commercial construction because of its outstanding durability and maintenance free qualities.

Although galvanized steel is in large part selected for its corrosion resistance, decrease in corrosion costs, hot-dip galvanized steel is also specified on construction products for aesthetics, safety, sustainability, and its maintenance-free quality.
Aesthetically pleasing and contemporary, galvanized steel's industrial appearance is rapidly becoming a popular architectural choice all over the world.

Fencing, metal framing, staircase, gutters, steel joists, rails, nails, tubing, poles are some of the many galvanized products used in construction.

Energy Industry

Because of its durability, maintenance free qualities and corrosion resistance, hot dip galvanizing is the protective method of preference in the energy industry.

International Galvanizing's experience in the electrical power industry resulted in obtaining a supplier contract with the Comision Federal de Electricidad (Mexico's federal electrical power company) through Inmermek in Mexico City.

Telecommunications Industry


Maintenance in tall or difficult to reach areas in a component, make hot dip galvanizing an ideal solution in industries such as telecommunications.

International Galvanizing's kettle capacity makes it possible to provide services to companies seeking galvanization of large parts and components.​

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